Lucid Wealth Planning LLC

We are a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping those that believe deeply in the betterment of the world around them. Our fiduciary oath, coupled with our passion for improving the lives of others, is what drives us.

Our goal is simple; make the world a better place by providing resources like comprehensive planning and socially responsible investing to those who have a greater impact on humanity. Our firm is here to help you achieve the impact you want by building a solid foundation. It’s easier to lift others up when you’re standing on solid ground.


Our services:


Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning + Investment Management

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Packages include everything you need to achieve financial freedom; we offer continuous financial planning, ongoing investment management, full transparency, and exceptional technology to support your experience. We focus on every aspect of your financial life, from employee benefits and tax efficiency to retirement planning and student loan management. 


Project-Based Planning

Our Project-Based Planning is a mirror image to the comprehensive financial planning, but the delivery and ongoing advice is limited to a specific period. Investment management is not included.


Student Loan Analysis

We’ll strategize debt repayment, consolidation, refinancing and other options available to you. Additionally, we may provide recommendations on where to save money to facilitate debt repayment.


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