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At Livelihood, we help people use their resources to live joyful lives.


We specialize in helping people organize their finances, maximize their cashflow, plan for retirement, pay off student loan debt, develop long-term investment strategies, make wise insurance purchases, and align their financial goals with their values.


At Livelihood, we care deeply about allowing your personal values to drive your financial plans.  We work with people from a variety of backgrounds, but we especially love creatives, nonprofit employees, professors, researchers, government workers, charitably-inclined individuals and others who use their labor and resources to make the world a better place.  No matter your salary, debt load (hello, student loans!), or marital dynamics you won’t find any judgment with us.


Our business is to provide you with excellent financial advice.  We don't get paid commission from an insurance company or brokerage firm. We have no sales quotas to meet. In fact, we don't sell any financial products or insurance policies at all. In the industry, we are called a fee-only fiduciary, meaning we are required to act in your best interest, not ours. Isn't that refreshing?  

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1315 Walnut St Ste 320 Philadelphia, PA 19107-4701 Phone: (267) 362-9326