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Hi there! I'm Scott, and I help people retire comfortably with all the money they need without having to sacrifice their current lifestyle.

There are a number of challenges that retirees face, including:
-The number of pensions going away
-The confusion of Medicare and Social Security
-The threat of rising tax rates
-The enormous number of salesmen looking to sell a product instead of offering independent, objective financial advice

If you’ve had any of these concerns, you are in the right place.

My name is Scott Newhouse, I am a proud Certified Financial Planner™, the author of three books (and counting!), and have taught Tax and Estate Planning to college seniors majoring in Financial Planning at Cal State University Northridge.  I am also the owner of Forthright Finances, a fee-only Financial Planning firm that always acts in its clients best interest.

And I help people navigate the murky waters of retirement so that they can live the rest of their life on their terms.

If you'd like to get started creating your ideal retirement, let's talk: 


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