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You’ve made your career a priority and simply have not had the time to focus on your personal finances. You want to make the best financial decisions, but are not sure where to start and you want unbiased advice tailored to your own situation.

My clients include professionals with equity compensation such as ISO’s and RSU’s. Whether your company is already public or there are talks of an upcoming IPO, I can analyze and model scenarios to help you make informed choices. I’m well-versed in platforms such at E*TRADE, Fidelity, Carta, and Shareworks.

  • Incentive Stock Options: How can you maximize the potential of your ISO’s while minimizing upfront costs and taxes?
  • Restricted Stock Units: Perhaps RSU’s are a large part of your compensation. Should you sell them immediately upon vesting or hold them?
  • Mega Backdoor Roth IRA & Roth conversion strategies
  • Traditional vs Roth 401(k): what percentage of your paycheck should go to each and rationale
  • Investing a windfall from a life event (e.g. inheritance, legal settlement)
  • Inherited IRA's and related withdrawal strategies
  • Tax planning, tax-loss harvesting
  • Early retirement forecasting: how soon can you stop working (or transition to a less stressful job) without running out of money? 

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