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The following are some of our guiding principles:

Client first – you, and only you, provide the revenue to keep the lights on and provide for our families; you are our top priority. The benefit of a small firm is that you deal directly with the owner and not some 800 number call center.

Good faith – To make sure we can adhere to principle number one, we must do our best to eliminate conflicts of interest. This is why we sell no products and are only compensated by you. All clients receive a signed fiduciary oath; if that doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is.

Expertise – We are committed to life-long learning; however, no matter our level of knowledge or success we must never let our ego prevent us from providing a “best in class” solution. We must keep an open mind to new ideas and be willing to seek out support from other professionals and subject matter experts.

Focus – We cannot be all things to all people which is why we limit the number of clients and industries we serve. We focus our energy on the topics relevant to you and your family.

Friction – We have to reduce friction and make working together easy. We will use technology to make efficient use of our time.

Investments– Markets are mostly efficient over the long run – we must keep costs low, invest broadly, and help you stay invested.

Accessible – Sound advice should not be reserved exclusively for those who have wealth. It also should not require signing complicated contracts or paying excessive fees. This is why we’ve adopted the flat dollar fee structure and numerous payment options to allow you to purchase advice with cash flow or assets you may have saved.


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1518 Cloverhill Rd Pottstown, PA 19464-1748 Phone: (610) 702-4083

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1518 Cloverhill Rd Pottstown, PA 19464-1748 Phone: (610) 702-4083