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Helping you achieve well-lived todays and tomorrows begins—and continues—with fearless conversations about what you really want. Your life choices and priorities inform all our financial services. These encompass everything from this year’s cash flow to your long-term goals for family and philanthropy.

As your life evolves, so should your financial strategies. Each chapter presents different opportunities and challenges. That’s where LifePhase Investing® comes in. LifePhase Investing® is different. It’s a new model of financial planning built around your unique life goals, while flexing to the ups and downs of your economic reality. At Halbert Hargrove, we use LifePhase Investing® to take a look at the entire picture of your finances on an ongoing basis. We’ll help make sure you're on track to funding your unique version of a well-lived life.

You deserve to feel confident and supported. Over decades, we’ve steadily defended our clients’ legacies and remained disciplined during the difficult periods. As your gurus, guides and gladiators, we’ll stand beside you—through all economic environments. A well-lived life is about more than money. Let us show you how.


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