Modern Wealth Builders, LLC

Are you a next-gen professional looking to invest to make work optional (financial independence)?

Protect your family, assets, and income?

Manage concentrated employer stock positions?

Plan for your children's education savings?

Create a 'financial fortress' around your primary business or income source?

At MWB, we provide fee-only financial planning and investment management services to Gen Y and Gen X professionals. We are focused on bringing REAL financial planning to the next generation of wealth builders.

Our specialties include evidence-based investment management and life goal planning for high earning professionals. Our ideal clients are tech-savvy and interested in ongoing financial planning. We believe investing for the long term is the only way to invest, and that maintaining an appropriate amount of exposure to global financial markets is key to the wealth-building process.

We’re here for the journey, not just the destination. We primarily work with clients virtually. Schedule a phone call or a video chat at a time convenient for you. However, if you are in the Greater Boston area (Burlington) or Martha's Vineyard we would love to meet you in person.


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