Abundance Wealth Planning, LLC

"Our goal is to help clients feel safe and confident so that they can live their lives freely."

It is our belief that people are naturally giving and compassionate. We are moved to contribute beyond ourselves when we feel safe to do so. Alas, many people are stressed by money and feel constrained by fear of scarcity.

We want to contribute to society by helping clients:

- Reach greater clarity of their finances: what they have, how much they need, and how they might get there.

- Cultivate healthier relationship with money: instead of being stressed by money, focus on how to get to the lifestyle they want.

- Develop more resourcefulness: know that future is uncertain and have confidence that the team will figure it out together.

- Trust that they are experts of themselves: even as we bring technical expertise to collaborate and co-design the future.

My clients want more from life even as they create and growth wealth. They are turning the paradigm from how to get more money, to what can money do for them. They understand that there are different skill sets involved with creating, maintaining, and inheriting wealth; the skills to create wealth do not translate automatically into skills to stay wealthy. They want to design their legacy while knowing that future is uncertain. They appreciate the way to increase confidence is to develop their own resilience and resources to handle whatever may come.

To achieve this, we provide:

- Business Coaching
- Financial Coaching
- Life Planning

In addition to:

- Cash Flow Management
- Financial Planning
- Insurance/Risk Analysis
- Investment Management
- Tax Planning (including ESPP, RSU, options)


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