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For successful, high achievers, there can be a lot of self judgements around money.

“I am smart and accomplished. I should know how to manage money, I should know how to make financial decisions with my loved ones, and I should know how to create the legacy I want.”

So when high achievers are worried about money, when there’s discord within the family, and when they are uncertain about the future, there can be feelings of shame and frustration. And, because they have wealth, there can also be feelings of guilt – this is a first world problem, I am already luckier than most, there are so many with far less than me making due with what they have – that I should not complain because I already have success. It’s as if success and wealth invalidates a person’s desire for empathy, compassion and happiness.

All these conflicted feelings creates stress and a sense of helplessness – I should be able to do this but I cannot, and I cannot even complain about my stress.

When I work with clients, I first create a safe space for clients to articulate and refine what’s bugging them and what matters most. What are the values they are trying to express and what needs to happen for the clients to feel that these values have been expressed?

For clients who have achieved a measure of success, how do we transition this success, that can sometimes feel like a burden, into something life affirming and improves the quality of life?

From this place, financial planning becomes an expression of growth, love, and contribution, such that we have better relationship with our loved ones, that our decisions are aligned with our values, and that we are creating a legacy that is uniquely ours.

It's not just about wealth, it is about your well-being.


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