Professional Financial Management, Inc.

Professional Financial Management was founded in 1991 to provide truly unbiased and qualified fee-only financial planning and investment management services.  The firm manages over $50 million for approximately 90 clients, including several business retirement plans, in 19 states.  It is registered as an investment advisor in Montana and California.

Both by law and simply because it is the right thing to do, the firm is bound to a fiduciary standard, meaning that the client's interest must always be primary.

The firm offers hourly financial planning services in all areas of personal and business financial planning and investment management services for a small percentage of the portfolio assets.  The fees are the most reasonable in the industry, and clients invariably receive value far in excess of those fees.

Recommendations are carefully tailored to each client's unique situation and goals, and clients are active participants in the process.  The firm serves a wide variety of clients, including business owners, professionals, university professors, retirees, and public employees.

For small business owners, the right business retirement plan is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the owner's and employees' ultimate financial security.  The firm has extensive experience in this complex area, and can assist the business owner to develop and implement a cost-effective plan that is tailored to the business's and owner's personal situation and attitudes.

The firm's investment strategies are based on proven principals that have worked over a variety of market conditions.  Clients are authorized to hold funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors, one of the most respected fund families in the industry.


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