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Consumers face a daily flood of financial news and a confusing, unending array of financial products and jargon. There are as many opinions and products as there are pundits. The more time you spend trying to wade through it all, the further you may feel you are from what matters most: living your best life while making good decisions with your money.

Clarity Northwest Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, Fee-Only, financial planning firm located in Seattle. We provide advice-only, hourly financial planning. We do not manage money, sell products, or accept commissions.

Lisa Weil is the Principal and founding member of Clarity Northwest. Her education and credentials include:

  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • BA, Durant Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Wellesley College
  • Member, National Association Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

Lisa has over 14 years' experience in market strategy and business planning working for companies like IBM and Microsoft. Following her own experiences (and frustrations) as a client of the financial services industry, she pursued the training to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and, in 2013, she founded and launched Clarity Northwest. Her passion now is in providing hourly financial planning, helping individuals and families sift through the noise and cut through the complexity to strategize, plan, and achieve their life goals.

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