Metanoia Financial, LLC

You can read the long version of who I am and what I do on my website at But here’s the long version summed up in five bullets:

  1. I started off in finance working at a regional bank, SunTrust, helping people with more transactional needs like opening home equity lines, loans, checking accounts, money market accounts, etc.
  2. I found that I really enjoyed finance because it brought numbers to life, but I wanted to build deeper, lasting relationships with clients so I moved into wealth management / financial planning at Morgan Stanley (then Smith Barney)
  3. I was recruited to move to Merrill Lynch/Bank of America as the world seemed to be falling apart.  I thought I was moving to a more secure financial institution…ha!
  4. As I watched what seemed to be the demise of modern finance and capitalism with it, I stumbled onto Biblical stewardship via Crown Financial and Financial Peace University
  5. After seeing a different approach to personal finance, I started Metanoia Financial to provide Biblically-based financial planning and advice

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1905 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: (267) 858-6847