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  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management

Are We the Right Fit for Each Other?

I serve the types of business owners described below who hold the following beliefs about money management. Do you share these views?

Type of Small Business

Self-employed women solo practitioner or you may have a few employees.

You provide a service.

You aim to create a more just and equitable society.

Motivation and Commitment

You want to improve personal and business financial circumstances.

You want to prepare now to better position for future financial opportunities.

You want to learn.

You are ready to take action now.

Passive Investment Style

You understand that no one can consistently beat the market.

You practice staying the course during down markets because it is better in the long-term than selling if you have time to wait for a potential market rebound.

You prefer low-cost diverse allocation of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and/or mutual funds to riskier individual securities.

Nature of Planning Relationship

Building a relationship over time and addressing overall personal and business financial circumstances yields more impactful financial results than piecemeal transactions.

Comfort with technology as financial planning services are provided virtually.

Email support, quarterly virtual check-in meetings, monthly content on financial topics.

Fee-only, fiduciary advisor who does not sell insurance nor make commissions. My recommendations are based solely on your needs.


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