Next Gen Financial Planning

Next Gen Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm in San Diego, serving clients locally and also nationwide through virtual meetings. We specialize in helping high-earning professionals in their 20's-40's make better financial decisions, and teach them to use money as a tool to balance today’s pressing needs with tomorrow’s dreams.

We can help you answer the financial questions that you’ve been wondering about such as:

- I just had a baby, should I start saving for their college education? What’s the best way to do it?

- What’s the best way to balance paying down debt while trying to save for the future?

- Should I refinance or consolidate my student loans? How do special student loan programs like PSLF, PAYE, and ICR work?

- I’m thinking about a major life change like getting married or starting a business. How does that affect my finances? 

- It’s open enrollment time at my company and the options are overwhelming. How do I know which selections to make to maximize my employee benefits? 

- I want to save for retirement, but how do I know how much to contribute or which funds to invest in?

- I haven’t looked at my life, auto, or home insurance policies since buying them several years ago. Do I have the right coverage, and am I paying too much? 

- Do I need a will, trust, or other estate planning documents? 

- I just received a big bonus at work! Should I invest it, pay down my mortgage, or finally take that Caribbean diving trip I’ve been itching for?

Once you realize that every decision is a financial decision, it changes the way you approach planning for your future. We can help you orient your financial picture to align with your goals and values, and provide insight on how it all fits together.


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