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Paige Farrell, CFP® is a Financial Planner & Investment Advisor at Endeavor Financial Planning in Sacramento, CA.

Do I Serve Clients Like You?

Whether you are a professional in the peak of your career, someone in the midst of a major life event like an inheritance or divorce, or starting retirement, you know how important it is to manage your money and invest wisely. Financial planning is a lifelong endeavor and there are many unique paths to success. I help you filter out the noise and get right to the business of organizing, growing, and protecting your assets.

What I Do

Money and psychology go hand-in-hand. Making a plan and sticking to it are completely different things, so help you be intentional, automate to remove obstacles, and shepherd your wealth through a disciplined strategy. My ultimate goal is to help you maximize your prosperity through sound planning and evidence-based investing that give you the highest probability for success.

How I Do It

By leveraging technology to meet clients around the country or in person in the greater Sacramento area, my hope is that every client relationship becomes a long-term financial endeavor that is collaborative and impactful.

To schedule a meeting, visit endeavorplanning.com to learn more or call me at (916) 333-5760, I'd love to talk! For information on my background, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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