Guideway Financial, LLC

Guideway Financial is a two-member financial consulting firm owned by Sharon and Jim Lear that provides holistic, goals-driven planning using an annual retainer model. This comprehensive approach incorporates all aspects of financial planning such as cash flow management, retirement planning, tax planning and preparation, insurance analysis, estate planning, and more. The annual retainer is based upon the scope and complexity of work, rather than a percentage of assets, and it is payable on a monthly or quarterly schedule. Unforeseen financial topics that arise during the year are included with no additional charge.  In some situations, we also offer project or hourly planning engagements.

Individuals and families often find that their financial lives become more complex over the years, generating competing demands to fund a home, retirement, children, college education, small business, and even vacations and rental homes.  Our process brings your financial life in balance.  First, we help clarify your essential and discretionary funding goals.  Then, we optimize your investment selection to maximize the probability of achieving your goals using a sound, low cost strategy.  Investment risk is tailored to your goals, not to investment products or volatility.  Ultimately, the process creates livable strategies to strive for your best life today and in retirement.

Guideway Financial works with clients throughout Texas and, on a limited basis, in other states.  We offer video conferencing to communicate with remote clients and busy professionals.

With Guideway, clients benefit from the expertise of two advisors who work as a team. This makes us especially attune to the financial planning needs of couples.


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3345 Bee Caves Road Suite 104 Austin, TX 78746 Phone: (512) 487-7762