Ballast Point Financial Planning, LLC

Hi, I’m Shawn Tydlaska. I am the founder of Ballast Point Financial Planning, a fee-only practice dedicated to helping young professionals set and achieve their financial goals. I’m passionate about using personal finance as a tool for empowerment to help you take control over your financial life. Together we will work as partners to get you on a path towards financial independence. In short, I will provide peace of mind around your money to make sure you are making smart financial decisions.

I will partner with you to work through the financial stressors in your life. I believe that education is empowering, so I will be your partner to help you understand the financial challenges you face in your life so we can make an informed decision together. Together, we will help you gain control over your finances, feel like you have some financial breathing room, and ensure you are making smart decisions with your money.

My mission is to help you achieve the same sense of financial empowerment I felt when I took control over my financial life.


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450 S. Orange Ave., 3rd Floor Orlando, FL 32801 Phone: (407) 765-6862