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At Monument Group Wealth Advisors, LLC, we provide fee-only wealth management and financial planning services assuring that clients receive advice based on their needs and objectives.

Monument's Master Planning Service:
• Helps families bring together all of their goals and strategies in a cohesive, integrated plan.
• Assembles a multi-disciplinary group of advisors consisting of a family’s existing advisors and/or Monument’s in-house team (including estate attorneys and tax preparers).
• Integrates financial, legal, estate and life planning. During hands-on, interactive sessions (either virtual or in person), we help families define and/or clarify their goals, and develop a master plan to achieve them.

We bring together all of a family’s advisors to ensure that everyone is working in concert towards the same objectives. We host regular review sessions to refine the plan, and ensure that the entire team stays on track. While the plan will provide a detailed analysis in many areas of planning such as cash flow projections, retirement planning scenarios, portfolio risk and return assessment, and family gifting program analysis, our objective is to help our clients:

• Enjoy and protect lifestyle
• Achieve financial comfort
• Plan for the expected and the unexpected
• Fulfill philanthropic goals
• Build a legacy and, over time, transition that legacy
• Avoid unnecessary expenses and red tape

To learn more about the service, and request a complimentary copy of the “Master Plan,” please contact us.

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