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Advisors For People. Not Profits.

Columbus OH Financial Advisor

rebel Financial provides comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, college planning, and investment management to help people plan for a brighter financial future while adhering to their core values. rebel Financial has a fiduciary duty to serve the client’s best interests.

rebel Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor and we are in the business of providing investment and planning advice for compensation. However, we do things differently and we are not afraid to stand up and fight for what is right for our clients, and for the advisory industry in general.

Why we Named our Company rebel Financial:

rebel Financial was founded to do things differently from how most financial firms operate. We organized the company to serve our clients first, comply with all applicable regulatory requirements next, and then worry about how to make a profit last. This is totally opposite of the traditional financial firm and it is our fundamental rebellion: That we work for you, first.

Why Small is Better:

We protect you from most of the risks associated in working with a small firm so that you may benefit from the agility and freedom that being small affords us. We can reduce bureaucracy and inefficiencies. We can pass saving on to customers more quickly. We can quickly adapt to industry and market changes for our clients. We can implement technological solutions more quickly and efficiently. We can more easily provide our clients with transparency.


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5940 Clyde Moore Dr Groveport, OH 43125 Phone: (614) 441-9605 Fax: (614) 441-4150

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5940 Clyde Moore Dr Groveport, OH 43125 Phone: (614) 441-9605 Fax: (614) 441-4150