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At Pillar Financial Advisors, our singular focus is to help our community of clients achieve their most cherished lifetime financial goals. As such, we are a financial planning firm first, and a portfolio management firm only in the sense that the portfolios we manage for our clients are the funding media for their plans. An investment portfolio is simply a tool for the realization of our clients’ goals; it is never an end in itself.

Financial planning is simply the process of determining what you want to accomplish, how much time you have to accomplish it, and what resources (current and future) you bring to the table. Then a plan and investment strategy is developed for reaching your goals. Then, and only then, will we design a portfolio that, based on long-term historical performance, provides you the greatest likelihood of achieving all of your goals.

Creating a well structured plan and a high quality portfolio of investments that are extremely well-suited to your long-term goals is the easy part. Then the real work begins as we become, in a very real sense, your behavior coach; helping you, over the next 30 years (or perhaps longer) to continue to make good decisions, and avoid making inappropriate decisions, about what to do and what not to do regarding your plan and portfolio.

Our approach is goal focused and planning driven rather than being based on some attempt to outguess the economy or the market. We are convinced that all successful investing involves consistently acting towards the realization of goals and all unsuccessful investing is based on reacting to whatever the markets happen to be doing at the moment.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how our planning approach can get you on the path of proactively achieving your goals.


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