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We approach financial planning in a very integrated and holistic manner. All of our analyses and recommendations carefully consider the impact on your entire financial picture. You can count on our extensive education and broad knowledge gained by years of financial and tax experience to help you chart your course through today's complex world of finance and investing.

Our comprehensive financial planning services will thoroughly analyze and make specific recommendations regarding your:

- Cash flows (long-term and short-term)
- Insurance
- Income Taxes
- Retirement Planning
- Estate planning
- Investments

We begin by first listening to your requirements, goals and concerns. We then help you understand the monetary effects of the often very emotional decisions you must make concerning your finances, often balancing conflicting goals, and advising you on how to best utilize your financial resources. With this knowledge, you are better equipped to weigh your options and make optimal decisions.

We will act as a coordinator with the other members of your financial team to evaluate your needs and implement your decisions. From your insurance agent to your estate-planning attorney, we stay closely involved to ensure your goals are achieved. If you are not working with other financial professionals, we will assist you in finding those professionals who best meet your requirements.


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