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Our Waterwheel Experience(R) is designed to enable our clients to harness, control, and convert their natural resources (assets, cash flow, time, and capability) into the power they need to achieve their goals in life.

The first step in The Waterwheel Experience® is the CFO Insight Session®. The session is designed to gain critical insight into the client’s current concerns, finances and opportunities, along with a vision for the future and the critical events that must happen to achieve that vision.

In subsequent meetings, the client will meet the advisory team and review the tools that are available to implement the plan. We will design a detailed strategy and assist you in implementing the steps to achieve the plan that has been established.

A unique aspect of our firm is that each of our advisory associates has areas of specialty within this process; thus, the client models are developed with a team approach. We provide clients with a coordinated team of advisors within the firm.

The Waterwheel Experience® is designed with client-specific needs, goals and tolerances in mind. We evaluate each significant area of financial planning, including: Risk Management, Asset Management, Estate, Retirement, Tax, and Education Planning. However, the Experience is not limited to these areas. If there are other issues that require addressing, the model will be tailored accordingly.

Together, with effective communication, we can create value and provide comfort and confidence in The Waterwheel Experience®. Each client should expect to form a “partnership” with our firm, knowing, we are doing all that is possible to effectively manage the clients’ affairs to help achieve their self-defined success.


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