Fee-Only Financial Planning Networks

Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) is the community of tax-focused financial planners that operate under the retainer model.

Our Community:

Established in 1995, ACP is America's leading community of independent financial planners committed to success through our ethics and innovation. They are a 501(c) (6) not-for-profit community of financial planners trained in the ACP System™. Knowledge sharing and professional development are ACP hallmarks. The ACP System™ is maintained by the membership, assuring it remains up-to-date and responsive to the real world in which financial practices must operate.

Our Tax Focus:

ACP members provide comprehensive financial planning with a focus on taxes and tax planning. By actively participating in the tax process they consider not only interest-earning, real estate and equity investments, but also the tax consequences that can impact or be impacted by investment and financial strategies, or tax law changes.

Our Retainer Model:

ACP members are Fee-Only advisors that use the retainer model for determining their compensation with their clients. This commitment reflects the fiduciary relationship, essential to establishing trust and minimizing real and perceived conflicts of interest between a client’s assets and an advisor’s guidance. Fees are based on income, marketable assets, and complexity of the client’s personal and financial situation, providing clarity and transparency to clients, and compensation that is commensurate with their value to ACP member advisors.


Changing How Individual's Prosper's (CHIP’s) goal is to bridge the gap between consumers of financial products and financial professionals of color, with a specific focus on Black & Latinx professionals. The platform enables better visibility and easier access for consumers to find these financial professionals. CHIP’s intention is to retain and grow generational wealth, as well as build trust for financial professionals of color in underrepresented communities. We believe that consumers and financial professionals of color are vital to helping to close the racial wealth gap that exists in America and we want to ensure all of their voices are heard.

Learn more at CHIP's website.

Garrett Planning Network

The Garrett Planning Network, founded in 2000, is the leader in helping new and experienced planners build successful Fee-Only, hourly-based RIA firms. Established with the clear mission to make financial planning accessible to all, not just the wealthy, Garrett provides planners with a collaborative community of like-minded peers and a proven business model that includes technology, compliance, marketing and practice management coaching. Garrett also provides a mentor relationship, training materials and templates, a 3 ½-day in-person training program, continuing education, an annual conference and more!

Fee-Only, hourly-based and accessible services are the key marketing differentiators of the Garrett Planning Network. Therefore, our member-advisors must:

  • Be Fee-Only.
  • Offer financial planning and investment advice on an hourly, as-needed basis (and they may also offer investment management services, in addition to hourly-based services).
  • Be accessible (meaning, the majority of client engagements must be without any minimums as to income, assets, net worth, length of engagement or revenues generated).
  • Either be a CFP® certificant, a licensed CPA with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential, or obtain one of those designations within five years from the date of initial RIA registration as a Garrett member.
  • Adhere to the Fiduciary Oath.

Learn more at www.GarrettPlanningNetwork.com or contact Justin Nichols, for more information.


XY Planning Network is the leading organization for Fee-Only financial advisors who want to serve their Gen X and Gen Y peers providing comprehensive financial planning services for a monthly subscription fee and without product sales or asset minimums. The Network offers a virtual community for new and established financial advisors who want to serve a younger clientele, and provides its members compliance support services, marketing support, business tools and templates, and a wide range of technology solutions.