2019 Spring Conference Speaker

Mary Koffend

Mary Koffend

Mary co-founded Accountable Aging and currently serves as an advisor to the company's day-to-day management. She brings many years of management experience, problem solving, and dealing with situations where there seems no simple solution. She also brings her life experience as the daughter of a mom with Alzheimer's, and an aunt with schizophrenia.

Mary was responsible for Houston's largest and most complex SSA client service operation before managing the Medicaid provider services programs for the State of Texas. Having served elderly and disabled clients for many years with the Social Security Administration throughout Texas, Mary's success with Accountable Aging was borne of her unique position to help AACM clients deal with two of the biggest challenges related to aging: Understanding healthcare options and dealing with the many bureaucracies and systems.

Mary has served on the Board of Directors of Adult Protective Services (APS) and on the Board of Directors of AGE of Central Texas. She serves in a leadership position at her church and is a regular volunteer at her church's food pantry.

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