2015 Fall Conference Speaker

Tom Moore

Tom Moore

Tom is the Chief Information Officer at Formidable Asset Management, where he controls all technical decisions and designs, including CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) responsibilities. In addition, he serves as the Managing Partner for Formidable Consulting Services LLC delivering cybersecurity, technology, and process consulting to clients.

Tom’s technical experience started well before his professional career. As a teenager he built technology from scratch, while leveraging dial-up BBS’s(Bulletin Board Systems) and other pre-internet technologies to hone his experience. He chose a different path for college and received his degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. After graduation and several early internet projects, Tom joined the audit division of a “Big 5”accounting firm. He focused on technology audits, penetration tests, and exposing process vulnerabilities. Within the first year, he transitioned from audit to consulting and continued his professional career.

Tom’s career includes 10 years of “Big 5” consulting experience with enterprise business systems (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JDEdwards). After consulting, he served as Chief Architect for over 9 years for a Fortune 100 manufacturing, mobile field services, and facility services company. Tom led a team of architects to drive strategic technology decisions and governance (including designing process and technology for PCI/SOX, HIPAA, and Cybersecurity).

Tom was born in the Washington, DC area. He currently resides in Mason, Ohio with his wife Sarah and twin boys.

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