Keynote - UN-HACKABLE: 5 Power Mindsets for Defending Your Practice Data

3:40 PM - 4:40 PM
Hackers don’t just adapt to change -; they bank on it. Has your mindset evolved? The rapid expansion of remote workforces, cloud jacking, the Internet of Things, ransomware gangs, supply chain attacks, social engineering, and disinformation campaigns have altered the way we must defend our organizational data, privacy and profits. A faulty adage asserts that humans are your weakest link, and left unaddressed, that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Cybersecurity doesn’t grow from shinier tools, but from the powerful intersection between humans and technology. In UN-HACKABLE, John will leverage potent lessons learned from losing his business and wealth to cybercrime, wrongly facing jail time and ultimately, how to turn all three to your advantage.

Learning Objectives:
• Find out how to review vital firm data and implement critical tools to help protect themselves and their clients from information security threats
• Understand how surveillance capitalism drives the internet and what data they are giving away in normal business operations
• Discover current threats to information security and learn how to defend against them
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