Keynote - Adversity Makes You Stronger

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
A talk that will change your perspective on adversity and how you can use it to make you stronger.

Charles’ real and empowering presentations impact tens of thousands each year. With a personal message, energetic delivery and his experience as one of the fastest men in the world, Charles will guide you on a SELF-HELP journey to find clarity, master habits and channel the confidence to thrive.

Learning Objectives:
• Discover how to use the magnificent design of adversity to make you stronger
• Understand how to increase your resiliency to drive success towards big goals
• Redefine habits to avoid cognitive dissonance
• Manage peace in the middle of overwhelming and chaos
• Pivot to more confidence and self-awareness
• Learn how to accept the uncomfortable process of success
• Connect to a purpose-driven life rather than an emotion-driven life
• How to own your life without the excuses
• The power of doing your BEST vs PERFECTION
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