Exploring Your Attitudes, Values and Beliefs to Better Serve Your Clients

10:20 AM - 11:20 AM
The most critical aspect of effective financial planning is the relationship between planner and client. Research indicates that when this strong alliance exists, clients are more likely to have successful outcomes. One way that planners develop and maintain a strong relationship with clients is by engaging themselves in the process. The primary goal of this session is to understand how planners’ own values, biases and beliefs around money impact their work with their clients. When a planner understands their own relationship to money and how it is presented to clients, they can better serve their clients. This presentation will borrow from the mental health fields by providing insights into “self of the therapist work” and apply it to financial planning (i.e., “self of the financial planner work"). Special attention will focus on the benefits of engaging in self-reflection, ethical implications and tangible next steps for the audience.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the historical significance of consciously and strategically using oneself in financial planning
• Learn the importance of self-awareness in the ethical delivery of financial planning services and advice
• Discover insights on how early experiences around money may shape your work with clients today
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