The 10 Hardest Questions About Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto

10:20 AM - 12:40 PM
Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto are some of the most exciting and controversial topics in investing. Depending on who you speak with, they are either a once-in-a-generation technological breakthrough, or a fraud and a bubble. In this interactive presentation, Matt Hougan - CIO of Bitwise Asset Management, one of the world's largest crypto asset managers - tackles the 10 hardest questions in crypto head-on. You'll leave armed with a clear view on where this technology is and is not headed in the years to come, and with a framework for considering it as an investment for clients.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand what a blockchain is and how it relates to cryptoassets like bitcoin • Evaluate key criticisms of crypto, including those related to volatility, security, environmental impact, regulatory risk, and more
• Understand what decentralized finance (or DeFi) is, and what it could mean for crypto in the future
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