Navigating the Sustainable Investing Landscape for Private Clients

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Across consumers, corporations, regulators, and investors, there is growing awareness of and pressure to address environmental and social challenges. Consumer preferences and purchase decisions are shifting and corporations, regulators and investors are paying attention. As the world transitions toward a more sustainable future, the level of confusion around product and service labeling is running high and perhaps nowhere more so than in Sustainable Investing. Growing investor demand and a rapidly shifting product set make the Sustainable Investing landscape challenging for even the most seasoned advisor.

Learning Objectives:
• Review the history of Sustainable Investing through the current state of the industry
• Understand the sources of confusion focusing on the intersection of non-existent industry standards and the rush of marketing and product development
• Learn a simple framework to help advisors think about the risk and return characteristics of various Sustainable Investment approaches
• Participate in a look forward at developing industry disclosure and reporting standards, and how these may help align product supply with investor demand
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