Reaching New Heights: A Client-Centric Approach to Strategic Growth

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
You have surpassed the tough obstacles of starting your business and building it into a successful advisory practice that provides you with financial stability. Your clients love you. You’re respected among your industry peers.

So…now what?

To keep moving forward and reach next-level growth, advisors can't rely on the same old strategies. Gretchen Halpin, co-founder of Beyond AUM, - a growth agency for financial advisory firms - will explore what it means to successfully market your advisory firm today, relying on an approach that encompasses the entire client experience.

From challenges in differentiation, fee compression noise and B2B technology advances, Halpin will share practical tips firms can use to rise above new challenges and industry disruption. Advisors will learn how to adopt growth strategies that goes beyond the realm of printed sell-sheets and digital presence and positions them as thought leaders in the areas their ideal clients truly care about.

Learning Objectives:
• Be able to develop and refine a value proposition that generates real results and inspires ideal clients to take notice
• Learn how to self-assess your strengths and gaps when it comes to modern marketing and uncover solutions to address them
• Discover how to valuate shifts in the marketplace’s expectations of the client experience, and unpack what that means for your current and future client base
• Understanding and call to action how to use a truly client-centric approach to grow your business, develop efficiencies and profitability, and create a client experience that is valued
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