Beyond the Basis Points: The Value of (Your) Advice

9:50 AM - 10:50 AM
The tech revolution, a new generational cohort, the rise of passive investments, and the impact of new fiduciary rules are moving the planning profession’s value proposition from asset management to advice and from retirement planning to service and advice in the here and now. Research conducted by Absolute Engagement on behalf of SEI shows a disconnect between the advice that consumers are seeking today and what many advisors are providing. This session addresses the challenge with steps to help set you apart and build a strong value offer to meet the evolving needs of your clients for the next decade.

Learning Objectives:
• Discover how to shift the emphasis of advisor advice from ‘advisor alpha’ and asset management to focus on the most meaningful areas of advice that investors are seeking today
• Find out how to deepen your advice expertise by adding services like behavioral coaching, college planning and elder care, tax forecasting, wellness, and insurance planning
• Understand how to leverage outsource partners to provide a more holistic client experience
• Learn how to get back client face time by reorganizing your tech stack to maximize operational efficiencies through integrated workflows, model management capabilities, automated tax management, and rebalancing technologies
• Explore how to act on enhancing your value and offer assistance to generate the time/capacity to execute on this advice and improve your business

This session is sponsored by SEI Corp.
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