Emerging Markets – The Changing Dynamics That May Enhance Your Clients’ Portfolio Allocations

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Many investors seek growth through equity investments in the United States and secondarily in Europe. However, with Asia’s rapid rise in economic size and growth, the spheres of influence have shifted East rather quickly. Today, Asia represents over 80% of the emerging markets universe. In many ways, emerging markets have become Asia unconstrained. Matthews Asia’s Head of Portfolio Strategy, David Dali and Portfolio Manager John Paul Lech, will explore the market-moving themes that are driving dynamic growth in emerging markets—from world class companies in IT and communications services to the increasing buying power of the Asian consumer. The session will include topics such as:

  • Asia's outsized role in emerging markets.
  • Why emerging markets are poised for a strong earnings rebound.
  • Innovative trends reshaping the investment landscape.
  • Asian and non-Asian countries driving growth in the emerging markets universe.
  • Why a core, quality-growth approach to emerging markets may be optimal.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the reasons why the spheres of economic influence are shifting East.
  • Learn about the changing dynamics within emerging markets that are creating investment opportunities.
  • Understand the key themes that will impact investors' portfolio allocation over the next decade.

This session is sponsored by Matthews Asia.

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