8,000 Days - An Entire Phase of Your Life Waiting to Be Invented

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Today, a college-educated person with a comfortable income is likely to live into their 80s. A life this long can be divided into four periods, averaging roughly 8,000 days each. The period from birth to college graduation is approximately 8,000 days. College graduation to midlife, or 46 years of age, is another 8,000 days. Midlife to the retirement age of 66 is also 8,000 days. After that, there’s generally another 8,000 days for retirement. Retirement planning doesn’t exactly take into account the realities of an 8,000-day retirement; a script hasn’t been written for that final, but still lengthy, phase.
Learn MIT AgeLab’s insights to help investors prepare for an 8,000-day retirement. Help investors reduce uncertainty and prolong their independence so they can live the lives they aspire to.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to anticipate what investors will face in retirement—whether that’s Day7, Day 362, or Day 3,459.
  •  Discover how you can co-create a story that people can realistically see themselves as the main character.
  • Learn how to maintain your core competency and value as a financial expert, but evolve to serve as a curator of a yet largely uncharted life phase of 8,000 days.
  • Find out how to help investors understand that planning for what they’ll do in retirement can be as important as planning for what retirement will cost.
  • Learn the four phases of an 8,000 day retirement and the key issues investors can face in each phase.
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