Keynote - 2021 Financial Triage: Priority Action Plan for Helping Clients NOW!

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
In the medical profession, the term “triage” is used as a process to assign priority based on medical urgency. This program will show advisors how to take a similar methodical approach to help clients now who may be experiencing severe financial worry, either for themselves or for loved ones.

Following a year that upended even the best-laid plans, many financial professionals and clients alike are in a state of shellshock. Sickness, death, loss of income and the many other concerns surrounding a global pandemic have left many consumed by worry, feeling paralyzed and powerless. Financial advisors have an immediate opportunity to be of service, collaborating with CPAs, attorneys, family members and key centers of influence to provide immediate value to clients with retirement accounts. In doing so, they will solidify their position as a valued advisor for years, decades and generations to come. Learn how to step up and go the extra mile for your clients, who will forever remember how you responded when they needed you the most.
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