Elder Fraud Prevention: Fighting Against Financial Exploitation

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Elder fraud is a rapidly growing epidemic, often perpetrated by those in a fiduciary capacity or position of trust. The vast majority of elder fraud goes unreported; estimated losses range as high as $36.5 billion annually in the US, and are increasing every year. The Department of Justice, FBI, and FINRA have initiatives to help elders report fraud and obtain justice, but are there more effective and practical ways to prevent this abuse?

Now more than ever, financial planners are in a unique position to assist older clients, or families with aging relatives, protect their financial assets from exploitation. Learn how you can become an advocate for the prevention of elder fraud, and stop crimes against our most vulnerable.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify the red flags and key perpetrators of elder fraud
• Help senior clients and/or their families protect assets from financial exploitation
• Learn when and where to report suspicions of elder fraud to authorities