The Benefits of Building Diverse Advisory Teams

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10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
U.S. demographics are changing and we are expected to be a minority/majority country by 2045. Yet the majority of financial advisors are still overwhelmingly white, male and shrinking in numbers. Many firms struggle in recruiting, hiring and retaining young and diverse talent. Advisors asked us to provide guidance on the topic so FlexShares conducted a research study to see where their peers are struggling and where they are having success. We also spoke to high-net-worth investors to understand whether having a diverse advisory team mattered to them. In this session we will share the results of the study and provide actionable ideas for firms that want to build a diverse practice.

Learning Objectives:
• Adjust your recruiting mindset. Think outside of your own personal and business networks. We’ll provide other ways you can find your next new hire.
• Make the pursuit of diversity a core principle for your firm. Include diversity in your firm’s strategic goals and planning, and put measurable metrics behind it. We’ll talk about how to include the whole firm for a better chance of success.
• Are your personnel policies the problem? HR policies can unintentionally lead to attrition. We’ll share ideas to make sure your policies will help you retain diverse talent.