Applying the Power of Mindfulness in Financial Planning

On Demand
The evidence is overwhelming—mindfulness practices can increase your productivity, make you a better leader, and improve your relationships with clients, team members, COIs… and yourself! No matter the situation, your mind is the one thing you have control over. Mindfulness begins with you. In this on-demand session Dr. Jody Jacobson explores the rich ROI of mindfulness practices in financial planning, for you and your clients. She introduces you to evidence-based practices you can use right away to reduce stress and improve your business, marketing, and life outcomes. You’ll learn first-hand what being a mindful financial planner means for you and you’ll have strategies and tools for moving along that path. Dr. Jacobson shares valuable handouts, including (among others), an annotated list of books and audio resources on meditation and mindfulness, as well as a set of questions for mindful self-reflection to help you feel grounded and future-focused in the face of inevitable disruptions.

Learning Objectives:
• Be aware of the importance of mindfulness in your financial planning practice, firm, and team.
• Understand why mindfulness is the top human skill for effective leadership, client and team engagement, and productivity.
• Learn mindfulness tools and techniques to improve time management, accountability, and work/life balance.