Dancing Backwards in High Heels: The Challenges faced by Women in Retirement

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We think of retirement as a time of leisure, enjoying travel and family, and pursuing new interests. This vision of retirement is far more likely to belong to men, than women. Given women's longer lives, their higher likelihood of being single in their later years, and having lower levels of wealth than men, their retirement can be far from golden. This session will look at the hard decisions women must make, often by themselves, on where and how they will live in retirement. As the presenter herself has discovered in her own retirement, this time of life is clearly not for sissies!

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the important role that gender plays in the final decades of life
• Learn how women can take charge of the choices that must be made at the end of their lives
• Learn how to protect yourself from elder abuse
• Learn how to create the wherewithal to live comfortably into your 90’s and beyond