The Fearless Girl: Why We Need More Women CFP®s and Why They are so Hard to Get

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In 2017, a bronze statue of a Little Girl staring down a Raging Bull was installed in New York City’s financial district. Her appearance occasioned both anger and acclaim, not to mention subsequent court fights as to whom “owned“ the little girl’s image.

In many ways the story of women’s entry and acceptance in the Financial Planning Profession has been no less difficult or contentious than the arrival of the Fearless Girl on Wall Street.

In this presentation, Eleanor Blayney will discuss the barriers and intimidations that may be keeping the numbers of women CFP®s stubbornly low, despite the satisfaction that many women express with their choice to become a CFP® financial planner. Drawing on her own experience 30+ years ago when she became a financial planner, as well as the findings of surveys and a CFP Board study on the factors that discourage women and girls from “seeing” themselves succeed in the profession, Eleanor will address what needs to be done to bring more women into financial planning, and why the integrity and growth of our profession depends on more robust efforts to achieve gender parity.