How to Create A Growth Culture for Next Gen Advisors

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3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
At most advisory firms, the founders are the primary rainmakers. They seem to have this innate, magical ability to bring in new business, and their entire firms have grown up around them to support them in that role. Sales and marketing are different now, with proactive outreach shifting from direct contact to education through content and slow nurturing of prospects. Advisory firms must reinforce a company brand while enabling advisors to foster their own personal brands that resonate. In this engaging session, learn the key strategies you’ll need to create a growth-oriented culture that makes business development a way of life — for the entire firm.

Learning Objectives:
• How marketing and talent go hand-in-hand for company growth
• What to include in your firm’s marketing playbook to ensure your efforts get the greatest return
• How to structure your organization, define roles and responsibilities, and align compensation rewards

NASBA CPE Credit: 1 NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development