Becoming an Active Listener: Key Skills for Today's Virtual World

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2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
As a financial advisor, you need to listen to your clients, your colleagues and incoming information. Now, more than ever, listening is taking center stage. Not only are you more inundated than ever with information from various sources but you are also often working remotely without the benefit of physical cues we get from face-to-face interaction. In this session, Debby Stone will teach you the fundamental skills of active listening and illuminate its importance in the context of your work and today’s virtual world.

Learning Objectives:
• The importance of active, deep listening to creating relationship and influence with clients and colleagues
• How to consciously choose the way in which they will listen depending on the situation
• How to listen deeply for facts, feelings and values in any conversation, whether face-to-face or virtual

NASBA CPE Credit: 1 NASBA Field of Study: Communications & Marketing