Zebra Smash Podcast Live Recording – The Power of Podcasting: A Conversation with Dave O’Brien

1:50 PM - 3:05 PM
Just as everyone had a blog 10 years ago, it seems like everyone has a podcast now. Has the opportunity passed? If not, what can an advisor do today to start?

Ben Birken and Roger Pine, the hosts of Zebra Smash, a podcast aimed at financial advisors now in its 3rd year, will sit down with Dave O'Brien, a financial advisor and new podcaster. The discussion will cover:

• Podcasting demographics and nationwide trends
• How podcasting can fit within an advisor's broader media and communication strategy
• Finding a podcast's purpose, audience, and format
• Best (and worst!) practices for podcasting, including: Hosting, Recording, Editing, Equipment, Collaboration, Scheduling, and Booking Guests
• Driving listeners to take action
• Harnessing the power of outsourcing to make podcasting easy

And for the first time ever, the presentation will also go out as a live episode on the Zebra Smash podcast feed. Attendees will get the chance to watch a podcast recording "behind the scenes" as it happens.