Keynote - The Surprising Secrets to Keeping the Aging Brain Young and Lowering Risk For Alzheimer's

1:20 PM - 2:20 PM
There is so much more to keeping your brain in tip-top-shape and lowering your risk for dementia than crossword puzzles, brain games and Sudoku. Breakthrough research is uncovering the surprising, key actionable steps to boost your brain and keep it working better, longer.

The statistics are staggering. 47 million people have dementia worldwide, and that number is expected to skyrocket to 115 million people by 2050. Recent studies estimate that about a third of dementia is preventable if actionable steps are taken.

Hear the scoop on scientifically valid, actionable tips to optimize your brain health and what is just myth, hype and marketing. Utilize the latest science to empower you to keep your brain young.

You will learn:
• Science based tips you can start using to today to improve sleep and protect your brain.
• How to optimize your gut to optimize your brain.
• The common and often hidden health issues that significantly raise the risk of developing Alzheimer's and dementia.
• What you need to do every day to keep your brain young and healthy.
• What accelerates the aging of your brain and how to avoid these traps.