Practice Foundation: Profitability and Fee Structure

K (1)
11:40 AM - 12:55 PM
What’s Your Business Model? This session examines the concept of business models as new advisors set up their businesses. The following areas will be examined:

Service Offerings:

What services can the advisor offer?

Communicating Your Service Offerings: How can the advisors communicate to prospective clients what they do and why they are different than most advisors?

Referral Sources: What referral sources do advisors need to develop?

Delivering Your Service Offerings: How do advisors deliver their service offerings in an operationally-efficient manner?

Fee Discussion: What are some possible fee schedules?

Break Even Analysis: How much business do advisors need to bring in to cover his/her fixed costs?

This discussion focuses on how the choices which advisors make in these general areas shapes the growth (and limitations) of their business and the impact on their future revenue.

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