Super Session: Mindful Money: How to ACE the Hard Part of Soft Skills in Financial Planning

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1:10 PM - 3:00 PM
Traditionally, financial planning discussions have been thought of as strictly a left-brain analytical, numbers-oriented process, with education and training focused on mastering that knowledge and skill. While comprehensive technical knowledge is essential, it has seemed that ‘soft skills’ have been a bit like the Rodney Dangerfield of skills in financial conversations – they “get no respect!” If you’ve discovered, like our speaker did 20 years ago, that money-specific therapeutic communication skills are not only nice to have – but MUST HAVES – then be sure to attend this super session with Susan Zimmerman.

Susan will be sharing several of her practices in therapeutic communication for financial conversations. They’re adapted from her psychology training and 27 years of experience as a financial planner who is licensed in marriage and family therapy. Susan incorporates memory training devices into her training, to make techniques easier to recall and apply during client meetings. She also brings entertaining ways to demonstrate and practice her language tools, so you’re more likely to integrate them into your client meetings and experience deeper connections and elevated trust in less time. It brings increased comfort for both client and advisor, improving decision processing and maintaining progress. Susan’s super aggressive, clinical objective for this program is to elevate therapeutic skills of financial planners all the way up from the “Rodney Dangerfield no respect level” to “Super hero to infinity and beyond respect level!”

Participants will learn:
  • 1. How to excel at using therapeutic communication skills with clients in all phases of the financial planning process.
  • 2. How to discern when to use which methodologies based on client responses and articulation of preferences.
  • 3. How to discover client motivations, raise client self-knowledge, and integrate with FP process to encourage timely implementation.
  • 4. How to use effective confrontation and conflict resolution techniques to help clients move forward when stuck.
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