Caleb Brown, MBA, CFP®

Caleb Brown is the host of the New Planner Podcast, Co-founder and CEO of New Planner Recruiting, a recruiting firm that specializes in sourcing, screening, and integrating financial planners in financial planning firms nationwide. He has authored Successful Hiring for Financial Planners: The Human Capital Advantage, which is a compilation of the to-do’s and what not to do’s in hiring for a financial planning firm so business owners can alleviate pain points often associated with hiring. As well as Finding Your Path: The Roadmap From Student to Successful Financial Planner a guide for aspiring planners to create the career of their dreams.

Kay Dee Cole, CFP®️, CeFT

Kay Dee Cole is a CFP®️ and CeFT trained in helping clients through tough transitions. Our processes and workflows were created to help train staff and to make sure a person feels supported and cared for.

Ashley Francis, CPA

Ashley Francis has worked as a senior tax accountant, director, and manager for numerous Big 4 accounting firms and brought over 20 years of experience to her family office, The Francis Group. As a practicing trust and estate tax professional, Ashley brings real-world and day-to-day experience to the practice of complex planning and is a well-known innovator in the use of AI to solve complex and sensitive issues.

Ann Garcia, CFP®

Besides a dozen years as a financial advisor, Ann Garcia’s business background includes marketing and strategic planning in the technology industry and owning two businesses, a professional services firm, and a wine importer/distributor. Ann holds the CFP®️ designation and earned her BA from the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of "How to Pay for College" and a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a board member for NAPFA.