2020 Fall Conference FAQs

Q: What are on-demand sessions?

A: High-quality, content sessions, that are pre-recorded and available for you to view at your convenience beginning October 12. The On-Demand sessions are listed here.

Q: How do I earn CFP CE’s for on-demand sessions?

A: To receive CFP CE’s for the on-demand sessions, you will need to view the full recorded session & pass a 5-question quiz provided to you in the conference platform.

Q: How do I earn CFP CE’s for the live sessions?

A: We will be tracking attendance for live sessions. You will need to be in the live session for a minimum of 50 minutes per 1 CE. You do not need to complete a quiz for the live sessions if attending in real time.

Q: Will recordings of the live sessions be available?

A: Most of the sessions will be recorded & available in the conference platform at the conclusion of the conference. The sessions that will NOT be recorded are:

- Heather Jarvis, Deep Dive Workshop (10/21)

- David Mannaioni, Ethics Training (10/21)

- Dr. Mikol Davis & Carolyn Rosenblatt, Being Extraordinary: Advising for Longevity (10/22)

Q: Will I be able to earn CFP CE’s for the recorded live sessions?

A: Yes! Just like the on-demand sessions, you will have to complete and pass a 5-question quiz provided to you in the conference platform.

Q: What is the total number of CFP CEs available?

A: We currently have 26 approved CE credits available. We are still adding more and expect over 30 by the start of the conference.

Q: How long will the recordings be available?

A: Until October 2021.

Q: Are there credits available beyond NAPFA & CFP CEs?

A: Yes, we also offer NASBA CPEs and IRS EA CEs.

Q: What are Live Chats?

A: Live chats are your opportunity to meet with the speaker(s) and discuss any questions you have regarding their session in an informal setting. Be sure to watch the on-demand session in advance, and post or bring your questions with you to get answered.

Q: Do I have to sign up for sessions now?

A: No, but when the conference platform opens, be sure to add your favorites to your schedule to make the most of your conference experience.

Q: What is Solutions Exchange?

A: Solutions Exchange is our virtual exhibit hall! Schedule time to chat with companies live within their booths. Learn about new tools, technology solutions and resources to help you better align your business with your client’s needs. Stay tuned for additional information about our Solutions Exchange scavenger hunt. Get to know all our sponsors and exhibitors while earning a chance to win fun prizes!

Q: How and when do I access the conference?

A: The conference platform will be opening October 7, 2020. You will receive an email closer to the conference containing all details on how to access the conference platform and how to log in.

Q: What will the temperature be like in October?

A: We invite you to set your indoor thermostat to the most comfortable setting for you! No more worrying about being cold in a meeting space this year!