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Transitioning to Fee-Only

The decision to become a Fee-Only financial planner is one of the most important — and best — decisions you can make as a professional looking to work in the best interests of your clients. But once that decision is made another important consideration must be addressed…which Fee-Only compensation model will be best for you and your business?
To help you make the decision, NAPFA offers a series of videos that break out the three most common compensation models in Fee-Only planning — hourly, AUM, and retainer. NAPFA's former National Board Chair, Susan John, narrates these brief videos and provides pros and cons on each model. John also shares best practice suggestions she’s picked up from other NAPFA members and many years of Fee-Only planning experience.
Fee-Only - Overview (Video#1)
NAPFA's former National Board chair, Susan John delivers an overview of Fee-Only compensation models.
Fee-Only - Hourly Model (Video #2)
Hourly planning many times fits the needs of middle market and wealthy clients.  Take a look at the details of this compensation model.
Fee-Only - AUM Model (Video #3)
Many advisors use the Assets Under Management (AUM) compensation model.  This popular method has its own pros and cons.
Fee-Only - Retainer Model (Video #4)
The retainer model is considered by many financial planning firm owners as the purest method of charging clients.  It moves the focus off of investment performance and on to comprehensive services.
Fee-Only - Best Practices (Video #5)
Former National Board chair, Susan John, shares thoughts on how to select the best compensation model for you and your clients.