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Membership Categories

NAPFA Membership Categories
By joining NAPFA, you become an integral part of the nation's premier group of Fee-Only financial professionals. Network with your peers in a unique, collaborative association and enjoy a wide range of benefits and discounts, which you can view in detail by clicking this link. NAPFA membership also offers resources designed to help you increase your access to clients and build enduring businesses.

Membership categories include:

NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor

This level of membership requires a broad-based advanced education in financial planning and three years of comprehensive planning experience. You must offer comprehensive planning services and submit a sample comprehensive financial plan to a peer review. NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors participate in the “Find an Advisor” consumer referral platform and benefit the most from our public relations activities.

NAPFA Associate
To enter NAPFA at this level, you must be a Fee-Only professional in financial services or related industry in the United States who is not otherwise eligible for any category of NAPFA membership. 
Student Affiliate
Individuals who are enrolled in academic coursework in pursuit of a degree or designation that will lead to a financial planning career are eligible to become a Student Affiliate of NAPFA.

Academic Affiliate
CFP Program Directors are eligible for a complimentary Academic Affiliation with NAPFA. Full and part-time faculty members in financial planning or related programs are eligible, as long as they are not under employment with a commission-earning entity.
Retired Member
Long-standing NAPFA members that are no longer actively working with clients, but want to stay involved with the association are eligible for this category of membership.

To apply for membership:
Your first step towards becoming a NAPFA member is to become a registered user of the NAPFA website (create an account here). Once you have a NAPFA username and password, you can log into the site and begin the application.

Questions about NAPFA membership or the application process? E-mail membership@napfa.org.

NAPFA Membership dues are non-refundable.