NAPFA Strategic Framework

NAPFA's mission is to provide networking opportunities, education, business development, and advocacy to promote the professional success of fee-only, comprehensive financial planners.

In furtherance of this mission, and to advance financial planning toward acceptance as a profession, NAPFA has developed a strategic framework. This framework is the backbone of all that we do, and guides our strategic and organizational decisions. We measure our success by three key performance indicators:

  • Business Model Sustainability
  • Public Awareness & Standing
  • Member Satisfaction

Our strategic drivers and the initiatives we undertake in support of them will carry NAPFA into the future and fulfill our mission:

Advocacy and Partner Relations

Advance public policy and partnerships that are consistent with NAPFA’s mission and vision

  • Strengthen and maintain partnerships in service of NAPFA’s long-range priorities
  • Pursue an advocacy program that benefits NAPFA’s target audiences and supports the evolution of financial planning into a recognized and regulated profession
  • Increase awareness of, and support for, NAPFA’s public policy positions

Professional Development and Competency

Create educational and developmental experiences that elevate practitioner competency

  • Create and deliver educational content to elevate planner competency

Organizational Growth, Development and Infrastructure

Nurture NAPFA’s position as the leading association for fee-only financial planners

  • Increase awareness of NAPFA amongst consumers
  • Grow and diversify NAPFA membership
  • Increase member engagement and value
  • Ensure that NAPFA’s organizational model and structure align with the association’s objectives
  • Increase financial sustainability and steward organizational resources